EndoPulse™ Air Motor

EndoPulse™ Air Motor

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EndoPulse ™ (EP) Vertical Reciprocation | "Break your expensive rotary habit, not your files!"

Air Motor Only
The Endo Pulse motor is an autoclavable E-type 25K RPM irrigating motor with forward and reverse speed ring .

EndoPulse Testimonial


I have used the Canal Finder system for 17 years and did research on it in my residency program at USC. The CFS dramatically improves the cleaning and shaping of the root canal systems. I use it on practically every non-surgical endodontic case. I highly recommend the CFS. Dr. Hiri Etessami (Endodontist)Los Angeles, California

Re-treatment is the fastest growing aspect of my endodontic practice! The solid core (metallic or plastic) obturation system is the predominant case that is referred. I obtained the Endo Technic Canal Finder System and now I can do initial treatment without affecting my schedule. It also provides me with a low stress method of negotiation and clearing most obturated canals. Dr. Frank Aker (Endodontist)Carrollton, Texas
Your Endo Technic handpiece and files have truly lived up their billing. I have found them to be able to do things that conventional “rotary instruments” cannot do. I use the system on every case every day and have found it to be an indispensable part of my armamentarium. Since I started using the files one year ago, I have literally never experienced a single separated instrument. Your files are also a fraction of the cost of the typical NiTi files. Dr. Jordan Schapiro (Endodontist),Boca Raton, Florida
I have been using the Canal Finder System (CFS) from Endo Technic for more than a year and have yet to break a file with it. Its vertical reciprocation eliminated file torque and the fear of breaking files that comes with rotary handpieces. The CFS and corresponding Master Files will negotiate the tightest canals while the integrated irrigation washes out debris. I have recommended it to my friends. Dr. Gary PealHamden, Conneticut