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Pro*Lite, the most cost-effective, ultra-lightweight, and ideal universal head light for all dental/medical treatments and applications.

Pro*Lite Head Light design incorporates the first truly "hands free" on/off battery switch. Designed by a 30 year practicing dentist, the Pro*Lite Head Light System incorporates the lightest material and uses the longest battery life available in the market. As an industry innovator, the Pro*Lite System has earned a reputation for quality and affordability.



Pro*Lite Testimonials


After 22 years in general practice, I've used them all. Metalift, Kline Remover, Dentoco pneumatic, and several others. The WAMKey is #1, perion. It's really ingenious and is just as good as everyone else that has chimed in about says it is. And it dose'nt cost that much. The only problem is... It's made in France. Buy it anyway and thank me later. - JeromeJ. Jerome Smith, DDSLafayette, La

I made the decision to contact you and to purchase a Pro-Lite for myself. I love using the light because of it's lightweight and ease of operation. Being able to turn the light on and off without having to use my hand is a big plus. The light intensity is fine on the low setting and the battery has stayed charged without fading during all day operations.Dr. Bill Sasser, DDSDental Missionary Charleston, SC
I want to take the opportunity to write a very positive review of your Pro Lite. I have now used the ProLite for over three months and own two of them (one for office and one for hospital cases). The value to me is insurmountable as it saves time and effort in chairside and surgical work as the light source is exactly where I want it and to the level I select. The ease of use and the simplicity has created such a method of patient management that the use almost goes unnoticed as I enter the exam and treatment and depart the patient side. My mounting is holding very well and the power goes on for days as I now don’t even bother to charge it daily. Great product! Thomas J. Turner, DDSWonder Circle, New Hampshire
Thank for for your assistance with the set up of the lights. As you recall I purchased four (4) lights each for a different type of loupe. As you had promised the attachment was simple and seamless. My hygienists feel that it has elevated the quality of the service they provide. The light is lightweight, non-interfering, bright and a perfect companion to their loupes. As for myself, I find that the light is an indispensable adjunct in patient care.Asher Mansdorfo, DDSUSA