MD Guide

MD Guide

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“2 in 1 Pilot Drill & Surgical Guide”

The MD Guide provides for an alternative method to fabricating a conventional surgical guide, whether this is simply a quick plastic vacuform retainer type of guide or something more sophisticated fabricated by a dental laboratory. As you know, in “theory” using some sort of a surgical guide when placing implants to ensure they are properly positioned can be helpful as a millimeter can make a real difference in the final implant crown fabrication. What is clinically useful about the MD Guide is that you are not changing your current surgical protocol or your dental implant system. The MD Guide just allows you to drill your pilot hole more accurately in terms of mesio-distal spacing and parallelism. Instead of using the pilot drill with your implant system, the MD Guide can be used instead. It is really a pilot drill and an alternative surgical guide combined. You are still drilling “free-hand” but with more accuracy.


Instructions for Use

STEP 1: Select the MD Guide diameter that matches the mesio-distal dimension of the missing tooth. Place the MD Guide against the adjacent tooth to create the first pilot hole.
STEP 2: Replace the MD Guide with the same size non drilling guide (or virtual tooth) used in step 1.
STEP 3: Select the MD Guide diameter that matches the mesio-distal dimension of the second missing tooth. Place the guide against the virtual tooth to create the second pilot hole.
STEP 4: Repeat the steps as necessary in the case of multiple implants.