Veterinarian Dental Testimonials

Dr Jen Mathis (West Des Moine, IA)

11/9/13: REALLY like the system.
11/14/14: I’ve been using the Endo Pulse system now for a year and Love it. It has been easy to use and saves my fingers and filing time. It is much less expensive than Lightspeed or other rotary systems.

Dr. Christoph Gloor (Switzerland)
2/8/16 We are very pleased with Endo Pulse. It`s a very useful handpiece. Normally we use for canines teeth of dogs and cats to fill the roots, mostly for molars, incisisors and prämolars. With Endo Pulse it is very easy and fast to reach the root tip.
The faster we can fill the tooth the shorter is the anästhesia, the better for the patient.  So we can recommend Endo Pulse.

Dr Thomas Klein (Hilliard, OH)
12/20/16 Love the Endo Pulse and have used it on about 10 senior dog excellent!

Dr Gary Modrcin (DeMoine, IA) VCA
3/27/17 I had a case today of 140 lb 12 yr old Mn Alaskan Malamute with complicated crown fracture of 204 .  The initial intraoral film barely showed a root canal. I accessed the canal just coronal to the gingival margin and enlarged the opening.  I could barely get a pathfinder in the canal and I knew right away it was going to be a long time to work my way to the apex and enlarge to a 35 file size to use my light light speed.  I took off high speed hand piece and attached Endo pulse with 15 file size 60mm and slipped it in to the access site and turned it on. Amazingly I hit the apex in just a few minutes.  It saved time and files if I had done it by hand.  I stepped up file sizes until I could get my first light speed.  Endo pulse is a great product.

Thanks John, I am a believer

Dr Richard Meadows (Columbia, MO)
I separated a Lentulo Spiral in a canal and could not extract it. I tried several hand files and had no success. Then I used my Endo Pulse handpiece and it came out with one Master File fast and easy with just one try. I was greatly pleased.

Dr Hani Battah (Lancaster, PA)
The Endo Pulse has been serving me well.

Bert Gaddis (Pelham, AL)
I have been very pleased with it (Endo Pulse). I find it especially helpful on those small canals that require lots of filing.