Pro*Lite™ Testimonials

Randy Travis DMD

I love the light.  I use these exclusively.  They are lighter, and while not quite as bright as some I've worn, they are still bright enough to fry a retina.  The on/off mechanism and attachment hardware are well thought out and the best I've used of the five or so brands I've used in the last 23 years.  Battery life is 12 continuous hours for me.  Nothing I've used comes close to that.  

Thanks again,  Randy Travis DMD

George W. Castro, DDS / Bradenton, FL

After 4 weeks of use, I am very impressed with the innovations of the Pro-Lite. I was able to adapt it to my existing loupes within minutes. It is very lightweight compared to my previous light with great illumination without the heat generation. However, my biggest kudos go to the on/off button, which is actually hands-free (I use my elbow) and minimizes contamination. I highly recommend this product!
George W. Castro, DDS

Dr. Cecilia Lake / Port Chester, NY

I am very happy with my new light, It was very easy to adapt it to my surgitel flip up loops, really easy to get used to it, it's is very light weight and kind to my eyes!!  I did set it at the lowest intensity as you recommend and is great. I was doing a surgical extraction last Saturday and all I could think off is how much easier it is without having to adjust the head light constantly....

As far as the pro-shield ... I have to tell you that is just wonderful !!!  My assistants love it,
Thank you very much..

Dr. Cecilia Lake


Hilt Tatum, Jr, DDS

I have a thirty year experience with surgical headlights.....and..... finally, with the Pro-Lite, I have one that works well and is very light and with its switch, is........ VERY, VERY USER FRIENDLY.

Hilt Tatum, Jr, DDS


Dr. Aleida Bures

Dr. Joe Lau, thank you for all your help! You've seen all the lights and magnification I have invested in throughout these years, with your exceptional service and the lightest, smallest, No Hands on and off switch!!!! The Pro lite has become my favorite, this is the only one I use now because of its convenience!

Dr. Aleida Bures


Dr. Bill Sasser / Dental Missionary Charleston, SC

I made the decision to contact you and to purchase a Pro-Lite for myself.  I love using the light because of it's lightweight and ease of operation.  Being able to turn the light on and off without having to use my hand is a big plus.  The light intensity is fine on the low setting and the battery has stayed charged without fading during all day operations.

Dr. Bill Sasser


Asher Mansdorfo DDS

Thank for for your assistance with  the set up of the lights. As you recall I purchased four (4) lights each for a different type of loupe. As you had promised the attachment was simple and seamless. My
hygienists feel that it has elevated the quality of the service they provide. The light is lightweight, non-interfering, bright and a perfect companion to their loupes. As for myself, I find that the light is an indispensable adjunct in patient care.

Asher Mansdorfo DDS


Al Navas D.D.S.
In summary, your ProLite has all the creature comforts that I was looking for:
1.   Quiet – no humming, clicking or other noises when I turn it on-off or change the settings.
2.   Cool – No heat generated even when I have used it continuously for 2 hours.
3.   Bright – even on the lowest of 3 settings it is a pleasure to use!  I have used it on Medium most of the time.  I showed it to my optometrist during my eye exam since I was concerned with the consequences of using such bright light.  She approved it wholeheartedly due to the appropriate settings.  
4.   Quick Disconnect – Nice feature!  Disconnecting up by my neck line is such a good idea since I can then leave the battery pack attached to my belt line all day long.  
5.   On-Off Clicker Button- WOW.  Nice feature as well. So easy to turn on-off by simply touching with the elbow.  

Al Navas D.D.S.