The Master Files (NT)

Master Files (NT)

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sizes af ntThe Master File™ is a patented design by Endo Technic.  Use it in the Endo Pulse (EP) / Canal Finder System (CFS) for Vertical Reciprocation canal debridement and NEVER BREAK A FILE AGAIN! Designed for pathfinding and enlargement of narrow calcified canals while flexing around ALL CURVES.  Available in SS and NT

The Handle

No-Latch handle is shorter and easy to place in CFS.  Offers more freedom in small oral cavities
The File Body

A modified .02 taper HEDSTROM design that will cut on the UPSTROKE ONLY without separation.  Our flutes cut only where you want and not where you don't
The File Tip

Our patented tip is a NON-CUTTING bullet shape. It prevents apical transportation, ledges and perforations."

Master Files
+ 1 rotary file + Obturation = Simplified Endodontics

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