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Forget those outdated complicated devices, and stop wasting your precious time on last centuries techniques with their random results and uncomfortable surgery. Use the only technically correct procedure that can remove a post without risk to the root, quickly, reliably and painlessly. WamX.

Using a simple mechanical principle, WAM'X allows you to remove a post in 5 to 10 minutes. The Prongs' action generates several technically correct forces between the core and the occlusal side of the root, which induces no pain or risk for your patient.

WAM'X will provide you spectacular results, even on mobile teeth.

WAM'X is totally painless and risk-free.

Thanks to the free rotation of the prongs, WAM'X automatically self-aligns to the path of least resistance. This allows the post to move freely as it releases - exactly the same way it went in. The root is always gently held in compression, never tension, and pressures on the root are extremely low, which minimizes risks of fracture for the root.

WAMKey Testimonials


After 22 years in general practice, I've used them all. Metalift, Kline Remover, Dentoco pneumatic, and several others. The WAMKey is #1, perion. It's really ingenious and is just as good as everyone else that has chimed in about says it is. And it dose'nt cost that much. The only problem is... It's made in France. Buy it anyway and thank me later.J. Jerome Smith, DDSLafayette, La

I got a WAMKey a few months ago, tried it, didn't like it. Tried it a few more times, got the hang of it. Now I love it. Highly recommend for removing crowns.Dr. T.BoneNW, In
The few "undue" incidents I have had with the WAMKey were with Captek crowns, I would recommend that you not use it with Captek crowns, I've not had success yet. Otherwise thay have been just plain awesome. I no longer do Endo through the crown because I've got the WAMKey. Alan Meade, DDSUSA
I used WAMkey to remove a gold crown last week, did the endo, soldered the "little hole", polished it and recemented it. Came out perfect. What a service for this patient, eh? WAMkey is awesome! J. Jerome Smith, DDSLafayette, LA