Set Flow System

Set Flow™ (Sodium Hypochlorite Delivery System)

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The only Endo Handpiece with an optional INTEGRATED Sodium Hypochlorite delivery system. Set Flow™ (will safely deliver a 1% NaOCL hydrodynamic rinse via the Endo Pulse (EP) / Canal Finder System (CFS) during RCT instrumentation (see Handpieces page). The cavitation effect of the CFS will remove the smear layer and provide deep cleaning while disinfecting the canal. Set Flow™ will not irritate patients with bad taste or clothing discoloration the way full-strength NaOCL solutions can. Reduce your disinfection chair time significantly. Simply attach a Set Flow™ (NaOCL) tube to the CFS and insert one NaOCL pill into the luer lock chamber. Step on your foot pedal and start the NaOCL flow.